Whether you require a quote for removal, an asbestos survey or just some expert advice, we are the people to talk to. We are highly experienced in operating in the public, commercial and residential sectors. As a Licenced Asbestos Removalist, with both a Class A and Class B licence, we are able to take on any asbestos removal project, large or small. Our rates are fair and reasonable and we work to an extremely high standard. Contact us today for a free quote.
We are also qualified to undertake asbestos surveys, holding IP402 (Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Building). Whether you require a sample to be collected or a demolition, refurbishment or management survey, contact us to discuss.


Toxigenic mould is a hazard to health. Left unchecked, the problem will literally grow. From a simple clean to a complete strip out, our experienced team can find the right solution for you. We work to both New Zealand and international best practice and offer highly competitive rates. We have a strong track record of successful mould remediation, from small jobs in residential settings to large commercial jobs.
We can also organise mould testing and spore trapping to establish air quality. For a free quote or just some general advice,
contact us to discuss your mould issue.


Meth decontamination and Lead Paint have become topical issues and are certainly areas we can help with. However, we have been providing chemical decontamination services for much longer than that!
From large clean ups in commercial and industrial settings, to emergency spill response and minor decontamination, we have trained staff to help.
Contact us today to discuss.


If you have contaminated land issues, we can help. Our work is in line with the latest standards and practices and we are familiar with the processes required. We also have an excellent network of partners to provide a full package.
We are specialists in remediating asbestos contaminated ground, having cleaned up 100s of sites. Whether it’s a simple hand pick and rake, a full site scrape or something in-between, we can help you find a solution and get past the legal and technical complexities.
We are also able to help with any other type of contamination – heavy metals, pesticides, hydrocarbons, if it’s a hazard and in the ground, we can help.
Contact us to discuss.


Environmental compliance is another area of expertise. In particular, erosion & sediment control. From small construction sites, to large sites and mine sites, we can find a solution that works for you. We have a wide range of cost-effective tools available, from simple bio-socks to matting & planting, dust suppression and polymer application. We also believe we build the best silt fences in New Zealand! Whether you need a plan, environmental controls or both.
Contact us to discuss your needs.


We offer far too many specialist services to be able to provide a page on all of them! Below is a list of some of the other work we can help with:
• Native planting
• Graffiti removal
• Waste management
• Threatened species management
• Threatened species relocations
• Weed control
• Working at heights
• Lead paint removal
What you are after is not listed? Don’t worry, we can probably still help.
If it’s a niche service and requires specialist skills or equipment, and is broadly environmental, one of our team will be able to help.
Contact us to discuss your needs.