Mark Hamilton

Mark Hamilton
Operations Manager/Environmental Scientist

Mark has worked for MBC for approximately 10 years.
He has significant operational management experience, from small scale sites to multi-million dollar projects.
Mark holds both a BSc and MSc, along with having extensive experience in a range of environmental disciplines. Prior to joining MBC, Mark worked in a number of locations overseas, gaining a great  deal of practical field experience. His first five years in New Zealand were spent mainly on the West Coast, contracting to the mining sector, where he worked on projects involving environmental monitoring, threatened species management and contaminated water management.
Mark relocated to Christchurch following the Canterbury Earthquakes, where he has since led our operations on the East Coast. Mark’s current focus is on environmental management in the built environment, including hazardous substances, sediment and erosion control and environmental compliance. Mark has been heavily involved in the management of hundreds of sites during this period. His ability to draw upon his academic knowledge and  practical experience, to find pragmatic, cost-effective and safe solutions, has been invaluable during this time. Mark is hands-on in his role. In addition to overseeing the Christchurch branch, he can be found working in the field, putting his experience in to practice.

Relevant Experience:

• Operations manager:

o Hazardous substances
o Environmental rehabilitation
o Environmental monitoring and compliance

• Project management
• Contract management

Qualifications and training:
• Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Science (Kingston University, London)
• Master’s Degree in Science (BPRU, Lincoln University)
• Workplace First Aid (St John)
• Supervisor Gold Card (SiteSafe)
• Health and Safety Investigations (ICAM)
• 4QL Leadership (NZIM)
• Project Management (NZIM)
• Human Resources Fundamentals (HRINZ)
• Asbestos Awareness (MBC)
• Full NZ driving licence and 4WD Training
• BOHS IP402 - Surveying and Sampling Strategies for Asbestos in Buildings

Felicity Drennan

Felicity Drennan
Office Manager

Felicity has worked for MBC for over 4 years.
She oversees the Christchurch office, managing all
technical and administrative staff and provides a focal
point for all aspects of the business.
Felicity’s main responsibilities include health and safety, HR, policy and procedure, systems and administration, finance, IT, vehicle/asset management, procurement, client liaison and coordination of staff and day-today operations.
She is also experienced in developing environmental assessments and plans and undertaking field work, when required.
Felicity has a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services.

Relevant Experience:
• Client liaison
• Project management
• Accounting
• Procurement
• Rosters & scheduling
• Developing environmental plans
• Desktop auditing
• Inductions & training
• Health monitoring & drug testing

• Bachelor Degree in Human Services
• First Aid
• Workplace drug screening
• Site Safe
• MBC Personal development training
• MBC Job Hazard Analysis (JHA) training
• Contaminated sites training
• 4QL leadership training
• Asbestos awareness training